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Reinforced Concrete Engineering

A Review of Recent Advances

By Albert Wells Buel

Tannery Wastes

Their Practical Utilization

Experiments with Electrical Treatment of Boiler Water on the El Paso & Southwestern Railway System

By J. L. Campbell

A New Agricultural Oil Motor

The Possibilities of the Kerosene Engine on the Farm

The Gas-Engine Cycle

A Consideration of the Two and the Four Cycle Motor

By W. H. Booth

Recent Radium Investigations

The Transmuting Effect of Radium Emanation

By William Ramsay

Silvering Glass

How the Solutions are Prepared and Applied

By E. C. C. Baly

Natural Gas Production in 1906

Progress with Ball and Roller Bearings

By S. S. Eveland and Henry Hess

Target Practice at an Old Battleship

The Remarkable Gunnery Experiments on the Hulk of the “Hero”

Glass Telegraph Poles

Working up Old Printed Paper

How Usable Pulp is Obtained from Waste Printed Matter


Keeper of the King's Seal

Who he is and What he does

Gasoline Motors for Aeronautical Work

Some of the Most Recent Light Weight Motors of French Design

Animals that are Blind

Some Live In Caverns, Some in Ocean Abysses

The Whale-Hunting Industry

By Frederic A. Lucas

Auroræ and Magnetic Storms

Caused by Solar Dust in the Earth's Atmosphere

By Svante Arrhenius

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Science Notes


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