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Testing the Horse-Power of Automobiles

The Ingenious Dynamometer of the Automobile Club of America for Ascertaining the Power Delivered at the Wheels

The Farman Aeroplane

Description of the Flights Made by this Record-Breaiing Machine

A Thousand Tons a Day

An Interesting Locomotive

A New Idea for Suburban Traffic

An electro Chemical Time Recorder

Elements of Electrical Engineering—X

Controlling Devices Ffr Railroad Motors

By A. E. Watson

Fauna and Flora in Winter

The Changes Wrought by Cold

Restoration of Mummies

Simple Method of Converting Ordinary Phosphorus into the Red Amorphous

Aeronautics in 1908

A for Ecast of Progress Our London Aeronautical Correspondent

Increase of Temperature in the Interior of the earth

The Mother Substance of Radium

Is Thorium the Parent of Radium?

By Otto Hahn

Sight in the Lower Animals

A Description of Primitive Optical organs

By R. Hesse

The coal reserves of the united state

A New Study of the Brain

The Preservation of Eggs

Preservation of Boors in Hot Climates

Suggestions for the Tropics

By Frank Browne

Science Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formula


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