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Illuminating Gas

By Charles H. Hodges

Key-Extracting Device

Acetylene, Alcohol, and Power

The possibilities of acetylene as a motor fuel

By T. L. White

Fence Posts Made Durable

Making Low-Priced Machines

Suggestions for the Founder

By Walter J. May

Elements of Electrical Engineering.—XI

Direct Current Systems of Distribution.

By A. E. Watson

Submarine Cables Vs. Wireless Telegraphy

The Effect on the Living of the Great Epidemics of Plague

The Explosion of Gases

A Study in Detonation

A New Subway in Paris

Alternating Currents and Magnetism

A New Element Lutecium

Obtained by sputting up marignac's Ytterbium

By G. Urbain

Industrial Accidents and Dependency

The Aniline Dye Industry

How it abeg and how it has developed

Detection of Cane Sugar in Plants by Means of Invertin

Sulphurous Acid and the Sulphites as Food Preservatives

Make-Believe Flowers

A Case of adaption to existing Conditions

By S. Leonard Bastin

The Fishes of the Deep Sea

Strange life forms near the ocean's bottom

By David Starr Jordan

How Quartz Crystals Form

Their physical nature and chemistry

By Edgar T. Wherry

Asiatic Snakes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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