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Wood Distillation

A Discussion of Met Hods

By W. C. Geer

An English Commercial Vehicle Test

Some New Data and their Value

A Case of Acquired Color Blindness and its Bearing on Theories of-Color Perception

By Best

A Fireproof Garage

Constructed of Cement Blocks

By George E. Walsh

White and Red Meats

A New Method of Recording the Sounds of the Heart

Horse-Power Tests at the Driving Wheels of Automobiles

The New U.S. Military Dirigible Balloon

Plans of a Two-Man Airship of Distinctive American Design

Electrical Machinery in Steel Making

By W. T. Dean

The Basis for a new Geology—IV

Raised Beaches and their Cause

By H. W. Pearson

Archaæological Excavators

Their Objects and Methods

By August Koester

Humidors for Rooms

A Description of Air Moisteners

By Franz Schacht

The Return of Halley's Comet

An Event of Astronomical Interest

By S.I. bailey

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulae

Electrical Notes


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