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The marseilles concrete dam

A Difficul Tengineering Feat

By J. H. Goodell

The Fireman at the Furnace

By D. T. Randall

Tests of Brake Shoes

The Causes of “Knocking”

A Gas Engine Problem and its Solution

Photo-Electric Fatigue

Elements of Electrical Engineering—XV

Alternating Current Motors. Part I

By A. E. Watson

Paper and Pulp Mill Wastes

Their Practical Utilization

By Theodor Roller

Fixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen

Some New Fertilizers

By T. H. ScHloesing

Curious Railway Collision in India

The Bewildering Result of a Head-On Smash-Up

The Modern Ice House

The Edison Concrete House

Conclusions of Engineers Concerning Practicability of The Project the Purpose of The Inventor

By E. S. Larned

Home-Made Water Still

By L. W. Marshall

What Forestry has Done

The Need of the Preservation of our Timber Supply

Some Snakes and Other Reptiles

Some Personal Observation

By Raymond L. Ditmars

The Seven Wonders of the World

By F. M. Feldhaus

Electroplating in Quantities in Drums

The Habitability of Mars

A Reply to Dr. Alfred Russell Wallace

By Percival Lowell

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes


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