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Groynes of Reinforced Concrete to Check Coast Erosion

By J. B. Van Brussel

Oxidation-Proof Bronzing

Some Practical Suggestions

The Origin of some Naval and Military Customs

By M. V. Campbell

The Breakable Part as a Prevention for Overload

The Quebec Bridge Disaster

A Summary of the Findings of the Commission of Inquiry Appointed by the Canadian Government

Airships in War

A New 16-Spindle Drill

Something Novel in Machine Tools

A Constant-Level Gas Meter

How the Water Level Is Maintained

By G. Chalmares

The Photography of Color.—I

A History of Photographic Color Research and its Present Status

By Chapman Jones

Benardos System of Electric Welding

A Simple Process

By C. B. Auel

Farming the Kangaroo

A Novel Experiment Successful Which Has Proved Successful In England

By Harold J. Shepstone

The Lime and the Lemon

Resuscitation of Electrocuted Animals

Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

How They are Calculated

By Jacob B. Brown

The Ether of Space

A Discourse by Sir Oliver Lodge

The Origin of Continents and Oceans

A Theoretical Study

By A. E. H. Love

The History of Glass Making

The Ancient Origin of Glass

By George A. Macbeth

Branly's Experiments with Electrolytic Coherers

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes

Engineering Notes


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