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Modern Niter Beds

The New German Battleship “Ersatz-Bayern”

The Best Kind of Coal for a Factory

Some Things A Manufacturer Ought to know

By E. G. Bailey

Copper Plating

By Friedrich Hartmann

A Simple Alternating-Current Motor

How it Can be Built at Home

By Frederick E. Ward

The Meaning of Millions

By Stanley C. Bailey

A New Idea for an Internal Combustion Engine

Starting Gasoline Engines

The Automatic Starting Device

By Walter Irving

Protecting Vines or Fruit Trees

An Automatic Device Used in France

Migration of the Norwegian Lemming

The Strange Flight of a Rodent

By W. P. Pycraft

Phosphorescent Bodies

Some New Researches

By G. Urbain

A Sterilizing Oven for Books

The Rice Beer of the Japanese

How Sake Beer is Made

By W. Donselt

Hydraulic Mining in California

How the Debris is Impounded

By William W. Harts

The Myth of Malleable Glass

Formation of Mineral Veins.—II

The Magmatic and Meteoric Methods

By Willis Eugene Everette

Mine Fires, their Extinguishment by Sulphur Dioxide

By Walter O. Snelling

Engineering Notes

Liquid Soap—An Economical Formula

By M. I. Wilbert

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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    May 09, 1908