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The Boscoreale Relics

Nilsson's and Buebank's Methods in Plant Breeding

By Herbert Maule Richards

Capitaine Producer-Gas-Driven Ship

The Shape and Size of the Earth

By Poynting

American Salesmen

Organized Anarchy among Bees

The Curious Social Life of the Bee

By Gaston Bonnier

Caisson Disease

The Ills of Compressed Air

A Rotary Field Model

How Electrical Theories may be Experimentally Illustrated

By K. H. Floering

The Conversion of the Diamond into Coke in High Vacuum by Cathode Rays

By Charles A. Parsons and Alan A. Campbell Swinton

A Salvage Dock for Submarines

How Submarines may be Raised

Aeroplane Design

Italian Submarines

An Account of some Large Submarines

By R. G. Skerrett

The Weathering of Coal

By S. W. Parr and N. D. Hamilton

Malleable Iron Castings

Comparison of Methods used and Methods of Annealing

By C. H. Gale

The Importance of Nitrogen in Case-Hardening

The Metropolitan Tunnel in Parks

Its Construction with the Aid of the Pifre Erector

Photography in Constantinople

Recovery of Gold and Silver Residues

Some Practical Suggestions

By Theodor Holler

The Smokeless Burning of Coal in Boiler Plants

Alcohol from Peat

Electrical Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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