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A Nicely-Posed Group of Five

Photographing Alligators

By Herbert G. Ponting

Important Report on Geological Chemistry

A Story of Whewell and Hamilton

By Cassius J. Keyser

Atmospheric Nitrogen—II

Its Fixation in America

By George M. Heath

Your Horse's Feet

Quality of Water in the Potomac River

The Treatment of Timber

The Open-Tank Method

By Carl G. Crawford

The Action of Alcohol

A Physician's Estimate

By A. R. Cushing

Saturn and its Rings

Seen from Various Points of View

Paris to own the Eiffel Tower

The Earth as a Clock its Rotation

By Poynting

The Instinct of Feigning Death

A Protective Device Employed by Some Animals

By S. J. Holmes

The Work of Hugo De Vries

A Simple Explanation of his Mutation Theory

By Herbert Maule Richards

The Poulsen Wireless Telephone

System of the German Wireless Telegraph Company

By Otto Nairz

Aluminium and Bauxite

Protecting Coasts Against Erosion

A New System


An Interesting Account of a Curious Phenomenon

By Edward A. Martin

Is Your Kitchen Sanitary?

Sir Humphry Davy as Seen by his Contemporaries

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes


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