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Fresh-Water Pearl-Button Industry

An Important American Industry

By Axel Josephsson

Process of Making Creosote Oil

Oil Fuel for Ships

Friction of the Air

Skin Friction a Factor in Aerial Navigation

By B. Baden-Powell

Ginseng in Newchwang

Hotbeds without Glass

Composition for Preserving Furniture

Investigation of Illinois Petroleums

A New Type of Sextant

A Novel Aid to Navigation

By L. A. Freudenberger

Automatic Cab-Signaling on Locomotives

By J. Pigg

Mathematical Prodigies

Many Examples of the Precocious

By Frank D. Mitchell

Rust and Mildew

Annual Damage in the United states $500,000,000.

By D. Finlayson

Turkish Mineral Springs



A Scientific Discussion of the Staff of Life

By A. E. Humphries

How the Earth is Warmed

How Conduction, Convection, and Radiation all Take Part

By Poynting

Italian flour Wafers

Dr. Schlicik's Gyroscopic Apparatus for Preventing Ships from Rolling

By M. Wurl

Modern Theories of Electricity and Matter

By Madame Curie

Electrical Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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