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The Boomerang and how to throw It

By Ralph Payne-Gallwey

The Influence of Water on Beer

By Robert Grimshaw

The Gas and the Steam Engine

The Chief Points of Difference between Them

By William H. Booth

Elements of Electrical Engineering-XX

Alternating Current Measuring Instruments—Recording Wattmeters

By A. E. Watson

Electricity and Matter

A Discussion of the Modern Theories

By Madame Curie

Belgian Pneumonia Treatment

The Sixth Sense of Fishes

The True Function of the Lateral Organs

By N. Schiller-Tietz

The Arms of the Venus of Milo

The Mystery of a Great Statue

By Arthur Stiehler

The Unity of Life-Respiration in Plants and Synthetic Assimilation in Animals

By Ludwig Reinhardt

Effect of Low Temperature on Bacteria in Ice

By John C. Sparks

Automatic Cab-Signaling

A Discussion of Modern Railway safety devices

By J. Pigg

Spain Feels the Need of Forests

Engineering Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

The Scientific American Supplement. Index for Vol.65

January—June, 1908


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