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Electricity from Peat Gas

By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Electricity in Mine Transportation

A New Factor

Elements of Electrical Engineering.—XXII

Storage. Batteries. Part I. Theory and Construction

By A. E. Watson

Salt making by Fusion

A New Metallic Mirror for Searchlights

The Problem of Road Construction

A Consideration of Modern and Future Requirements

By H. S. Hele-Shaw and Douglas Mackenzie

Two Notable Egyptian Tombs

Discoveries of Historic and Archeological Interest, Made by American Excavators

Simultaneous Mine Explosions in Different Countries

The Nadir of Temperature

What the Physicist has Done in Attaining Great Cold

An Experimental Model Basin.—II

A Brief Description of its Functions and Operation

By R. H. M. Robinson

What the Government is doing to save our National Resources

The Marine Gas Engine

Its Defects and its Merits

Pianos in France

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes


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