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Turbine Propellers

The New Vickers 4-Inch Quick-Firing Gun

A Rifle for Repelling Torpedo Attack by the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

New Reactions with “Thermit” Compounds

Metalic Sodium

Its Eletrolytic Production

By C. Chabrie

Elements of Electrical Engineering—XXIII

Storage Batteries Part II Switchboard Arrangements

By E. Watson

Conditions of Success with Aeroplanes

Suggetions by a Practical Aeronaut

By L. J. Lesh

A Home-Made Thermometer

By A. Heaton

The Olympic Games of Ancient Greece

By Watkish Lloyd

Prehistoric Man.—I

A Review of Modern Theories and Discoveries

By W. F. Stanley

Chinese Vegetable Tallow

The Construction of Macadam Roads—II

How Rural Highways May be Improved

By Austin B. Fletcher

Notes on Motor-Car Design

A Word on Suspensions

By F. W. Lanchester

The Amidol Developer

Some Good Formulæ

By C. H. Hewitt

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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