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A Trip in the Zeppelin Airship

The Storage of Inflammable Liquids

A New Safety Device

Gasoline, Gas, Steam, and Electricity

Their Comparative Cost For Small Powers

By William O. Webber

New Forms of Steel for New Uses

Structural Shapes Rendered Necessary by the Steel Building

By R. B. Woodworth

A New Blue-Black Protective Iron Paint from “Waste Pickle“Solutions

What the Destruction of Forests means in the Far west

The Weight of Marine Turbines

What are the Best Dimensions for a Turbine?

Purification of Air by means of Ozone

A Description of New Apparatus

By G. Erlwein

Man's Place in Nature

By Henry Edward Crampton

Prehistoric Man—II

A Review of Modern Theories and Discoveries

By W. F. Stanley

New Tanning Process

Carbon Monoxide and the Toxicity of Tobacco Smoke

The Relational Life of Protozoa

The Career of a Simple Organism

By E. Faure-Fremlet


A Short Account of “Lightning Tubes”

By H. Berg

The Tores of Saturn

An Explanation of a Singular Phenomenon

By Percival Lowell

Effects of Light

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes


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