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Henri Becquerel

A Distinguished French Physicists Death

The Riddle of the Fourth Dimension

A Simple Explanation of a difficult problem

By H. Addington Bruce

Physico-Chemistry and Biology

The Relation of Animate to Inanimate Matter

By Ernest Solvay

The Bellini-Tosi Directive System of Wireless Telegraphy

An Economical Fire Alarm

A Suggestion for Villages

The Wreck of the “Zeppelin IV”

Why the Great Craft was Destroyed

Free Lime in Cement


Some Practical Suggestions

Applications of Oil-Burning Apparatus

A Review of Present Methods

By C. M. Ripley

The Homes of Mexican Peons

By H. Gurlitt

The Training of Aeronauts in France

Modern Physiology

How the Present Experimental Stage was Reached

By Frederic Schiller Lee

Rubber Planting in Samoa

Capturing the Crocodile

The Account of a Hunter

By Julian A. Dimock

Joule and the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

By Florian Cajori

Ancient Buddhist Pottery

An Important Discovery in Burma

The Next apparition of Halley's Comet

An Important Astronomical Event

By H. C. Wilson

Living Cells without Nuclei

By Vladislav Ruzicka

Purification and Disinfection of Water

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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    September 05, 1908