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High Buildings and Wireless Telegraphy

The German Battleship “Kaiser Barbarossa”

Zinc Oxide

Practical Formulas for its use in the Arts

The uses of Spun Glass

A Gasoline Railroad Inspection Car

An Interesting English Experiment

Soaring Flight

Models for its Mechanical Investigation

By Marcel Deprez

Rating an Automobile Engine

Determining Horse-Power from the Cylinder Dimensions

By Thomas L. White

The Synchronous Condenser

Money and Money-making Machinery

How the Intricate Designs of Bank Notes are Produced

By Claude E. Holgate

A New Lecture Experiment—the Barometer

By Will C. Baker

New Chemical Discoveries

Room Disinfection

A New and Efficient Method

By W. B. Mclaughlin

The Sudden Disappearance of Pain

An Automatic Heat Regulator

A Device Based on a New Principle

How Long it Takes a Tree to Grow One Inch

The Minotaur

A Curious Beetle That Lives in Sandy Pastures

By Henri Coupin

What the Ancient Greeks Were Really like

By James Rignall Wheeler

Strange Forms of the Setting Sun

Engineering Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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    September 12, 1908

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