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The World's Lumber Trade

An Electrically-Operated Gas Plant

What the Electric Drive can do in Gas Making

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Rebuilding of a Sunken Bridge Abutment with Concrete Steel

Extracting Oil rom Boreholes

A Description of The Leinweber Process.

Testing Direct-Current Dynamos

How to Measure Insulation Resistance and Determine the Characteristics of a Dynamo

By E. S. Lincoln

Saw Annealing by Electric Arc

The Merits of Liquid Fuel

A General Review for Purposes of Comparison

By Charles L. Hubbard

The Monster Battleship Controversy

Training the Man Behind the Gun

How the Gunner is Taught to Hit the Target

The Movements of Plants.—I

Is Growth the Result of Memory?

By Francis Darwin

Fever in Plants

Science Notes

The Improved Parseval Airship

Germany's Non-Rigid Military Dirigible

A Correction

Gases in upper Air

The Restoration of Parchments

How the Damage Wrought by Fire May Be Repaired

By Eugene Lemaire

The Problem of the Rotation of Venus

Does the Planet Really Turn?

By Otto Hoffmann

Studies of Meat Extracts and Similar Preparations

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes


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