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Reinforced Concrete Lighthouse

The New Lantern in the Straits of Malacca. By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American.

Development of the Electric Railway

A Record of Marvelous Growth

By James N. Hatch

Photographic Effects of Metals

A New Form of Dirigible Airship

The Malecot Combined Aeroplane and Dirigible Balloon

Development of the Motor Life-Boat

A New Type of Craft. By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American.

Effects of Electric Light

Photography in World Progress

Its Value to Science

By W. I. Scandlin

The Northwest Passage

A Mundsen's Great Achievement

Action of Radium Emanation on Copper Salts

By Mme. Curie and Mlle. Gleditsch.

Curious Pumpkins

Some Strange Members of the Cucumber Family

Rare Aquatic Birds

Some Curiosities in the Berlin Zoological Gardens

By L. Heck

The Absolute Zero of Temperature

What it Means to the Physicist

By Francis Hyndman

The, Balancing of Foods

A Simple Explanation of the Science of Being Fed

Regenerating Rubber by a New Process

The Hudson's Bay Company

Purification of Dye Water

The British Battleship “St. Vincent.”

The Eighth of the “Dreadnought” Class.

Mode of Action of the Screw Propeller

A Summary of Prof. Flamm's Experiments

Studies of Blood Corpuscles

The Production of Alkalies and Bleaches by Electrolysis

The Faked and the Forged Antique

The Wiles of the Forger and the Snares of the Dealer

By Tighe Hopkins

An Easy Method of Illustrating the “Hydrostatic Paradox”

By Charles H. Smith

Great Cities of the World

Science Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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