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The “Flip-Flap”

An Amusement Apparatus at the Franco-British Exposition. By the English Correspondent of the Scientific American.

Making Fine Detail Castings in Sand

By Walter J. May

Operation of Coal-Cutting Machinery

Use and Economy of the Various Types of Coal Cutters

By George E. Lynch

High-Frequency Oscillations

Their Production by Various Methods

By William Duddell

Electric Welding of Copper

A New Method of Desiccation

How Liquids Readily Decomposable by Heat may be Dried

By E. Hausbrand

Low-Pressure Steam Turbine Efficiency and Cost

Artillery Practice Indoors

Testing Field Pieces in Armories

By Georges Vitoux

Magnetized Well Tubes

The Wright Aeroplane-Its Construction

It has Flown for over an Hour in a 10-Mile Breeze, has Attained a Height of 300 Feet, and a Speed of over 40 Miles Per Hour

By L. P. Alford

Recent Progress in Gas Manufacture

What Europe is Doing to Improve Gas Lighting

By Thomas Holgate

Brazing Cast Iron, and Other Metals

By Frank N. Blake

The Chameleon in Captivity

The Strangest of Pet Animals

By F. Martin-Duncan

The Miraculous Edessa

A Sixth Century Parchment Recently Discovered in Egypt

Artificial Silk

Stereoscopic Projection

A Simple Method that can be Practiced by any Photographer

By T. Thovert

Apparatus for Measuring the Heat of the Sun

By Our Paris Correspondent

Our Loss by Fire

The New Map of Greenland

How Greenland Really Appears

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes


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