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The Armored Cruiser “Rurik”

Russia''s New Addition to her Navy

By Percival A. Hislam

Electrolysis and Corrosin

How Rusting is Produced

By Allerton S. Cushman

Longitudinal Stability of Aeroplanes

A Method of Keeping the Line of Thrust of Propellers always Horizontal

By Henry T. Strong

Foreign Trade in a Automobiles

The Remarkable Development of an Infant Industry

By John J. Macfarlane

The Thermal Value of fuels

A Comparative Estimate

By Vivian B Lewes

The da Costa Two-Cycle Gasoline Engine

Lubrication and lubricants

The Chemistry of Oils

By P. Martens

What makes the Siphon Work

A Twenty-Five Year Record in British and American Iron Centers

The Anatomy of the “Mauretania”

A Longitudinal Section of A Great Ship

Markings and Colors in Fish

How They Protect their Wearers

By Francis Ward

Forcing Plants by Warm Baths

A New Method of Acceleration

By Hans Molisch

Combined Optometer and Entoptiscope

The Standing Timber of the United States

The Practical Value of Biology

What Biology has Done for us

Manganese Bronze

A New Alloy

Working Cost of the Renard Road Train

The Economy of a Commercial Automobile. By our paris correspondent.

Calculating Portland Cement Clinker

Coal Mine Accidents

The Structure of the Atom

By Oliver Lodge

The Thermograph

Apparatus for Photographically Recording Fluctuations in Temperature. Our berlin Correspondent.

The Splash of a Rough Sphere

Solar Eclipses and Ancient History

An Investigation of Some Historical Eclipses

By Samuel Jennings.

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes


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