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Short-Distance Transportation

A Modern Freight Conveying System

By Frank C. Perkins

Tightening Brasses

Grooved Shafts for Motor Cars

Dry Air in the Blast Furnace

The Gayley Process

Production of Tungsten

Atmospheric Electricity

Its Dangers for the Balloonist

Recent Development in Gyroscope Design

A New Form for Engineering Use

Do the Radio-Active Gases (Emanations) Belong to the Argon Series?

What is the Good of Comparative Anatomy?

The Making of Diamonds

What has been Done by the Maker of Artificial Gems

Concrete Piles and Sleepers

What Concrete can do in Displacing Wood

By Alexander Crawford Chenoweth

Rebuilding the Paris Telephone System

The Formation of the Bouquet of Wines

The Genesis of the Great Lakes of Switzerland

The Penguin Egg

The Strange Product of a Group of Lonely Islands by the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Enlarging and Printing Upon Fabrics

How Photographing on Textiles is Done

By A. J. Jarman

Determination of Stellar Distance

The Carrier Pigeon Photographer

A New Use for the Homing Pigeon

By Neubronner

Arc Spectra of Metals Under Pressure

Police Signals for Public Use

Rio Janeiro's Novel System Our Berlin Correspondent

Practical Results of Electrification

Marvels of a Plant's Growth

The Chemistry of Decay

By Vivian B. Lewes

Electron History

By Oliver Lodge

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes

Engineering Notes


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