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A History of Electrical Theories

The Changes Which Discovery Have Wrought

By P. Gruner

The World's Wine Crop

Rebuilding the Paris Telephone System

A Record-Breahing Performance

By S. E. Brown

Experiments on the Constitution of the Electric Spark

The Problem of Gas Propulsion

Stamp-Vending Machines

The Construction of an Automatic German Device. By Our Berlin Correspondent.

Can Precious Stones be Manufactured?

The Chemistry of Gems

By Stanley C. Bailey

Pasteur and Bacteriology

The Passing of the Whale

Catgut for Surgery

How it is Manufactured

The Ascent of Sap in Plants

A New And Ingenious Theory

By Gustav Glock

Lodging Conditions in Paris and other French Cities

The use of African Elephants for Transport Service

The Kuch Quartz Mercury Vapor Lamp

What the Substitution of Quartz for Glass Means

By O. Bechstein

A New Three-Color Camera

The New “Valveless” Motor

A 325-Horse-Power Kerosene Motor

the Engines Designed for the Italian Submarines. Our English Correspondent.

Cæur D'alene District, Idaho

Remarkable Invention by Cowper-Coles

The Direct Production of Copper Tubes, Sheets, and Wire

Whither are we Drifting?

The Motion of the Solar System Through Space

By J. C. Kapteyn

Sun Spots and Solar Temperature

A $500 Prize for a Simple Explanation of the Fourth Dimension

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes

Science Notes


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    November 28, 1908

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