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The Corn-Canning Industry

Pottery Products of the United States

Color Analysis of Illuminants

The Lodge “B” Spark High-Tension Ignition

A New Type of Ignition Syatem

Brazing Cast Iron and other Metals

By F. N. Blake

Low Temperature

Its Mechanical Production

By Sydney F. Walker

Radium in Rocrs and in the Ocean

A New Geological Theory.

By John Joly

Liquid Crystals and Solid Solutions

By O. N. Witt

Casting Pipes in Permanent Molds

A New Process of Manufacture

By Edgar A. Custer

Laws of Flight

By F. W. Lanchester

Economy of a Self-Contained Engine and Boiler

The City of Lyons's New Current Supply

American Petroleum-One of our Best Assets

Facing Sands and Their Use

Variations in Faces and How to Obtain Them

By Walter J. May

A Kerosene Motor Barge

A New Craft for Canals by Our English Correspondent

The Scientific Study of Heredity

The Skin Moult of a Caterpillar

The Changes From Caterpillar To Moth

By William Farben

Recent Astronomical Research

A Record of Recent Progress

By C. G. Abbot

The uses of Calcium in Alloys

By Arthur E. Pratt

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes


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