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A Novel Type of Road Train

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Mechanical Traction on Tramways and Roads


Electrolytic Sheets and Tubes

A process for their direct Production

By Sherard Cowper-Coles

A Scribing Tool

By M. A. Hart

Selenium CellS

Their Many uses in Modern Physics

By R. A. L. Snyder

Making Concrete Telegraph Poles

Experiments on Water Resistance

A Digest of Some Low-Voltage Tests of Alternating Current Machinery

By Karl Wallin

An Animal as an Engineering Structure

Some Factors of Safety Provided by Nature

By S. J. Meltzer

Casting Pipes in Permanent Molds—II

A New Process of Manufacture

By Edgar. A. Custer

Protective Coatings for Polished Metal Goods

Twenty-Watt Tungsten Lamps

The Future of the Tungsten Lamp

By Alton D. Adams

Humane Slaughtering for Abattoirs

The Prize Contest of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The Supply of Uranium

Anthracene and its Production

The Remodeled “Zeppelin III.”Airship

Description of the First Flights Since the Changes have Been Made

By Hugo Eckener

First Cross-Country Aeroplane Flights

The Long-Distance Flights of Farman and Bleriot in France

Recent Aeroplane Prizes and the Conditions under which they May be Competed for

A Gasoline-Electric Ferryboat

A Method of Measuring Muscular Work

Gas Turbines

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulae

Electrical Notes


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