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Modern Workshop Practice

The Effect of the New Steels

By R. E. L. Maunsell

Sending Pictures by Wireless

Transmission of Handwriting, Drawings, and Photographs Through the Air

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Form and Stability of Aeroplanes

Researches Supplementing Those of Lilienthal and Langley

By W. R. Turnbull

The Italian Earthquake

A $500 Prize for a Simple Explanation of the Fourth Dimension

Large Gas Engines for Ships

The Possibilities of the Two-Cycle, Three-Cylinder, Fuel-Injection Engine

By E. N. Percy

A New Variety of Glass

The Geographic Congress

Fluid and Apparently Living Crystals

Some- Recent Discoveries in a New Field

By Ernst Sommerfeldt

Moving Pictures as an Aid to Teaching Trades

Lombroso on the Happiness of Lunacy and of Genius

The Ferocious Sand Viper

How it Rills and Destroys its Prey

By F. W. Oelze

Rapid Photographic Printing

A Description of a New Process

Russian Railroad Projects

An Austrian Rapid Type-Matrix Machine

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes

Engineering Notes


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