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Erichsen's Greenland Expedition

The Tragedy of a Successful Exploration of Greenland

By Achton Friis

French Army Tests of Automobiles for Hauling Supplies

Brick from Burned Garbage

Ships in Air and Water

Some General Relations between the Two

By George O. Squier

Pressure of the Atmosphere on Liquids

Conditions of Equilibrium in Liquids of the same and Different Densities

By Franklin Van Winkle

A Handy Sack-Holder

Measuring Joy and Sorrow

The Psychogalvanic Reflex as a Detector of Emotion

By Otto veraguth

Chains and Chain Making

Its History and Technique

By James H. Baker

Salt Glazing

The Ultimate Internal Combustion Motor

Its Probable Fuel

By Thomas L. White

Cheron's System of Color Photography

The use of Minute Spectra Formed by Prisms

The Eleventh Paris Automobile Salon

General Tendencies of Construction for 1909, with Particulars of some of the Most Notable Models Exhibited

Protective Mimicry in Bird Life

A Specific Instance of Adaptation

By H. B. Macpherson

Centrifugal Filtration of Sewage Sludge

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes

Science Notes


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