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Coal: Its Composition and Combustion

General Discussion of the Elements that Promote Combustion

By William H. Booth

Iron, Gold, Silver, and Tin Amalgams

Formulas for Making and using them

By Friedrich Hartmann

Foreign Aeronautic Motors.—II

Description of Some of the Lightest of those of the Circular or Revolving-Cylinder Type

Aeronautical Terminology

By John H. Ledeboer

Practical Thermodynamics

Steam Engine Efficiency in the Light of Modern Mechanics

Industrial Accidents

The Prevention of Mining Accidents

What the Government is Doing to Save Life in Mines

The Cavern of Proumeyssac

The Rediscovery of an Ancient Natural Wonder

By E. A. Martel

Amount of Free Water in the Earth's Crust

Recent Earthquakes

Tremblings that Preceded the Italian Shock

Old Age and Death

Scientific Devices to Ward Off Decay

By F. W. Beck

Chinese Incense Sticks

Proportions of Transmission Systems

Artificial Unwoven Cloth

Some New Processes of Manufacture

By A. Chaplet

Surgical Instruments of Antiquity

What the Anclents Knew About Surgery

By Percival Windmuller

The Sewage Problem Popularly Stated

The Battle of the Microbes

By Clark P. Collins.

Laying Concrete in Cold Weather

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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