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A Gasoline Caterpillar Traction Engine

Carrying Water Across the Mojave Desert

Continuous Colored Flames

What a Skyscraper Contains

Revising the Russian Calendar

Dropping Projectiles from Balloons

The Military Possibilities of the Dirigible Airship

By Hildebrandt

Present and Proposed Methods of Measuring the Efficiency of Aeroplane Propellers

An Archæological Fraud

The Rotaplane

An Ingenious Astronomical Demonstration Apparatus

Oil and Ammonia from Sewage

Recent Developments in Galvanizing

“Sherardizing,” the Dry Galvanizing Process of Cowper-Coles

The Aniline Dyes

Their Application to Every-Day Fibers for Home Dyeing

By Max Ohlman

Water-Tight Closing Arrangement for Steam-Vat Bottoms

Fenders and Wheelguards

The Internally-Fired Helical Furnace

Wholesale Annealing and Hardening Done Almost Automatically

By C. M. Ripley

Earthquake Forecasts.—II

Future Possibilities

By G. K. Gilbert

Uranium Mining

How Radium is Obtained from the Ore

The Dynamics of Life

The a Chievements of the Scientific Franftenstein

By A. Drzewina

The Warfare of the Future

The Probable Development of the Explosive and the Projectile

By Hudson Maxim

International Atomic Weights for 1909

Making Window Frames

Waxing Cement Floors for Dancing Halls

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes


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