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American Birds Realistically Mounted

The Duck Hawk. Hackensack Meadow, and Egret Groups

The Impregnation of Timber

Vacuum Distillation

A Model Atom

How it May be Concretely conceived

Limit to Number of Marine Organisms

Chemical Effects of Magnetism

Man as a Machine

Human Energy and Its Expenditure

By H. Dekker

The Coalfields of the United States

2.000 Billion Tons of Coal Available

Substitute for India Rubber

The Volatility of Silica

The Art of Making Alloys

Some Suggestions of Practi Cal Importance

By Percy Longmuir

To Prevent Crystallization of Electrolytic Copper

Aeronautical and Military science

Military Tactics and the Dirigible Airship

The Warfare of the Future

The Probable Development of the Explosive and the Projectile

By Hudson Maxim

Our Place and Destination in the Universe

By Abbe Moreux

Position and Diameter of Mercury

The Passing of the Whale

The Cause of Earthquakes

Wireless Telephony

Its History and Present Status

By Reginald Fessenden

Earthquake Forecasts.–III

Future Possibilities

By G. K. Gilbert

A New Industry on the Victoria Nyanza

Regeneration of India Rubber

Engineering Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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