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The “Robert Fulton.” A Record in River Steamboat Construction

A Steam Siren for Ships

An Electrically Operated Signal

Automobiles for Army Service

Making Money out of Waste

Using Things that Were Once Thrown Away

By Day Allen Willey

Propeller Molding

Some Useful Hints for the Caster

Cab Signals and Automatic Stops

Edison's Inventions.—II

Their Commercial Value to the World

By Frank L. Dyer and T. Commerford Martin

A New Two-Cycle Motor

By Our Paris Correspondent

A Rolling Lift Bridge in Burma

An American Bridge for the Far East

Enamels for Iron

The Commercial Production of Oxygen

The Improved Claude Process

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Electrical Propertied of Flames

The Shrinking of the Earth's Crust

What is Happening to this Planet

By M. Eiden

Hydroid Zoophytes

Studies in Marine Life

By G. E. Bullen

History of the Whale Industry

Production of Alcohol from Cellulose

How Wood and Wood Products may be Employed

By Th. Koerner

Budapest News-Telephone

Flower Pigments

The Science of a Blossom's Hue

By C. M. Broomall

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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