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The Maffei Steam Motor Coach

Dust Preventives

The Temporary Tar and Oil Binders, Emulsions and Similar Preparations

By Prevost Hubbard

The Rhone 350,000-Horse-Power Project

A So-Called Lost Art

Interesting Technical Hints on Porcelain

An Apparatus for Destroying Moths

Using the Electric Light as a Trap

Gyroscopic Balancing of Aeroplanes

Suggested Methods Of Maintaining Equilibrium

By Lucien Fournier

The Cost of Electrical Heat

Our Present Knowledge of the Subject

Electrical View of Matter

By Oliver Lodge

The New “Mono-Telephone.”

A Highly Sensitive Receiver

H. M. S. “Vanguard.”

The Latest Of The British “Dreadnoughts”

Synthetic Preparation of Ammonia

Aerial Flight in Theory and Practice

A Home-Made Pneumatic Elevator

How it was Built by an Ingenious Mechanic

By Philip Bellows

Improved Steels

A New Idea in Blast Furnaces

Using a Blast Containing an Excess of Oxygen

The Rays of Uranium X

The Evolution of Heat by Living Foliage

A Curious Phenomenon of Plants

By Hans Molisch

German Canary Birds

New Solvents of Fatty Substances

The Flight of Birds.—II

The Mechanics of a Bird's Way in the Air

By F. W. Lanchester

The Theory of Dyeing

By S. H. Higgins

Moisture and Chemical Change

How Water Affects Chemical Reactions

By H. Brereton Baker

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes


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