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Lightning Arresters

Some Recent Developments

By David B. Rushmore

Direct Reaction of the Human Ear to Alternating Currents

The Science of Managing Boilers and Furnaces

The Effects of Wireless Telegraphy on Operators

The First American Steam Turbine

A Description Of The “Bailey Jack”

By F. E. Drake

Time and Labor Savers

Little Things For The Shop

Aeroplane Problems

Difficulties In Construction

By Herbert Chatley

When is a Cord of Wood not a Cord?

New Light on Babylon and Assyria

Recent Excavations In Assur And Babylon

By Morris Jastrow

Will Artificial Synthesis Ever Supply the World with Food?

Mirror for Searchlights and Motor-Car Lamps

Refined Astronomical Researches

With A Simple Explanation Of Doppler's Principle

By Edgar L. Larkin,

Petroleum Soaps

The Technique of Desiccation

The Artificial Drying Of Agricultural Products And Wastes

By O. Bechstein

The Biology of Chlorophyl

Chlorophyl And The Relation Of Green Plants To Light

By Guenther Schmid

Coal Analysis

Coal Beds And Their Composition

By H. Foster Bain

The Java Snake Skin Industry

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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