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A New Departure in Locomotive Construction

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Railroading in its Infancy

Stage Drivers made Conductors of Passenger Trains

By George P. Floyd

Anti-Friction Alloys for Bearings

Deep-Sea Resurrections

Wadagaki's Inclosed Turbine Propellers

High-Speed Turbines and Slow-Speed Vessels

The Repair of Farm Equipment

Ideas for the Handy Farmer

By W. R. Beattie

The Trend of Invention in 1908

A Chariot of 3,300 Years Ago

The Ancient Origin of the Wheel

By James Arthur

The Scope of Eugenics

The Movements of the Stars

Aeroplane Problems

Difficulties in Construction

By Herbert Chatley

Oyster Shell Window Panes

Recent Work in Radio-Activity

Some Unsolved Problems

By F. Henrich

Field Guns for Destroying Dirigibles

Recent German Artillery and Shells specially Designed for Bringing down Military Airships

Machine Track Layers

Action of Water and Carbon Dioxide on Cement

The Pearl Button

Light on a Great Industry

Another Electrical Triumph in the Musical World

Electricity in the Mine

A New Process of Magnetic Ore Separation

By C. H. Clark

Engineering Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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