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Electric Overhead Rack-Rail Transporter for Handling Meat

The small Motor Boat

Its Care and Operation

By Harold Whiting Slauson

A Profile Tracer

Device for Registering the Undulations of the Ground

Dazzling Headlights

Steam versus Gas Engines

A Graphic Comparison of Two Power Producers

The Conduction of Electricity

Ferguson's Mechanical Paradox

An Ingenious Train of Gears

Martyrs to Science

The Heroism of the Physician

By T. C. Bridges

The Origin of Subjective Head Noises

The Automobile on the Farm

The Future of the Earth

Is the Shape of our Globe Changing

By Abb*amp*eacute; Moreux

The Mimicry of Plants

Some Curious Resemblances

By S. Leonard Bastin

Dr. Sven Hedin on Central Asia

The Record of a Great Achievment

Astronomical Observations

How They are Made

By G. Devaulay

A Convenient Form of Air Thermometer

By E. Emmet Reid

Electrolytic Refining

An Apparatus for the Treatment of Metals

By H. Lacroix

The Problem of Tele-Vision

A Partial Solution

By Max Dieckmann

The “Choralcelo.” A New Musical Instrument

The Voyage of “Zeppelin II”

The Official Report

Thermodynamics in Theory and Practice

Gas Engine Testing Suggestions

Safety Device for Buzz-Planers

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes


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