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Carbon Dioxide and Chimney Losses

Their Real Relation

By James E. Steely

Drawing an Ellipse with Compasses

Is a Sense of Space Acquired?

Our Perception and Estimation of Areas and Distances

By P. Altpeter

The Invention of the Pantograph

Christoph Scheiner's Wonderful Device

Intermittent Springs

Fireproofing Wood and Textiles

Some New Inventions and Formulæ

Paint for Iron Ships

Manufacture of Enameled Leather

The Costliest Railroad in America

A New Railroad that Cost more than Thirty Million Dollars

By J. O. Lewis

The Microscope in Engineering

The Study of Faulty Metals

By Walter Rosenhain

A Handy Screw-Driver

A New Printer's Roller Mass

Liquefied Illuminating and Fuel Gas

More about Blau Gas

By O. Bechstein

The Thousandth Part of a Second

Animal Filters and Strainers

The Mechanical Equivalents of Nature

By Enoch Zander

Nature's Traps

By Charles F. Holder

A Novel Process for Softening Water

Algebraic Symbolism

Its Development from Paciuolo to Newton

By Susan R. Benedict

Colored Fireworks

Ivory and its Imitations

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes


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