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The Work of Svante Arrhenius

A Great Physicist and Chemist

Hunger and Mental Activity

An Ancient Duodecimal System

Babylonian Conceptions of Numbers and Measures

By Rufus P. Williams

The Discovery of Oxygen

Horse-Power Formula for Automobile Engines

Making a Garden Seat

Instructions for the Amateur

By A. C. Horth

The Calculation of Electromagnets

Some Simple Methods

By M. Kennett

The Popular Electrical Laboratory of Brussels

Long-Distance Telegraphy

A Few European and Asiatic Achievements

A Swiss Mountain Engine

How Ingenuity Overcame a Great Difficulty

Facts One should know about a Gas Engine

By L. H. Snyder

Rapid Transit in the Future

August Scherl's Plan

Solar Activity and Terrestrial Physics

By A. Nodon

A Swedish Radium Enterprise

The smallest Perceptible Movement

By Adolf Basler

Fossil Man

Ornamental Fishes

Suggestions for the Aquarium

By Berthold Koerting

The Commercial Possibilities of the Dugong

Canning and Preserving Fruit

Hints for the Housewife

By Maria Parloa

The Measurement of the Temperature of the Fire of a Locomotive in Motion

Natural and Artificial Zeolites

Their Significance in the Economy of Plants

By O. N. Witt

Science Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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