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The Workman Himalayan Expedition

Definition of Head of Water

Snail Gardens

A Curious French Industry

By D. Geyer

Can Animals Predict Earthquakes?

Some New Bacteriological Discoveries

Inheritance of Acquired Characters in Bacteria

By Reiner Mueller

The form and Dimensions of the Earth

Measuring our Planet's Girth

By Givet

The Yeastcell and its Lessons

The Phenomena of Fermentation

By W. Stanley Smith

Oxhydric Process of Cutting Metals.—I

Torches and Machines that Cut Steel

By E. F. Lake

International Steam Ferries

A Visit to an Anthracite Coal Mine

By Warren O. Rogers


A Novel Letter-Copying Machine

The Solution of the Problem of Moist Copies

The Marine Gas Engine

Canning and Preserving Fruit.—II

Hints for the Housewife

By Maria Parloa

The Telephone in Theatrical Management

The use and Abuse of the Ionic Theory

By Gilbert Newton Lewis

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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    August 14, 1909

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