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Capt. Saconney's System of Photographing from Kites

Tests for Lubricating Oils

Casein in Celluloid

New Metallothermic Reactions

The Conduction of Electricity

An Engineering Explanation of the Ionic Theory.

Oxhydric Process of Cutting Metals—III

Torches and Machines that Cut Steel

By E. F. Lake

The Forerunners of the Metallic Filament Incandescent Lamp

By C. Richard B*amp*ouml;hm

Canning and Preserving Fruit.—IV

Hints for the Housewife

By Maria Parloa

M. Louis Bleriot and his Aeroplanes

Full Description of the Latest Successful Monoplanes of this Celebrated French Engineer.

The Sense of Direction in Bees

By Gaston Bonnier

Remedies for Old Age

By L. Menard

Palæolithic Man

His Present Scientific Status

New Radioactive Phenomena

The Radiation of Metallic Plates Bombarded by Beta Rays.

Atmospheric Circulation

How Cyclones and Anti-Cyclones are Formed.

By R. F. Stupart

Imitation Arms and Armor

How to mare them at Home.

By A. Roze

Conjurers of the Past

Precursors of the Modern Magician.

By Arthur Watson

The Rotation of the Earth

How it is Mechanically Proved by Blum's Apparatus

By J. G. Davis and H. F. Purday

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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