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The Casting of Bronze Statues

The Delicate and Intricate Work That is Produced in Sand Molds

By Snowden B. Redfield

The Study of the Invisibly small

Ultramicroscopes and Ultramicroscopical Objects

By A. Cotton and H. Mouton

Cold in Modern Life

The Importance of Refrigeration

By Charles Engel

Anæsthetics and the Coiffure

Canning Vegetables in the Home

Suggestions for the Housewife

By J. F. Breazeale

The Lesson of Evolution

Darwin and his Message

By E. H. Starling

A Kinematic Illusion

Importance of Ferments in Organic Life

Their Catalytic Effect

By A. Zart

A Sketch of the History of Propellants

The Rise of Explosives

By Andrew Noble Bart.

Speed of Indian Railway Trains

Submarines and Life-Saving Devices

A Novel Salvaging Operation

How the “Netherton” was Taken Home

Amount of Moisture in Fogs

The Aerial Propeller

Its Form and Construction

By Lucien Fournier

Studies of Electricity and Matter

A Resume of Recent Investigation

By J. J. Thomson

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes

Methods of Drying Soap


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