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Fulton as an Engineer

What He Really did

Modern Heavy Ordnance

Its Life and Power

The Aerodynamic Institute of Kutchino

Experimental Aids to the Aeronaut

By Lucien Fournier

Steam Turbine Governors

The Systems at Present Employed

The Internal-Combustion Engine.—II

Recent Improvements

By H. E. Wimperis

The Inventor of the Aeroplane

A Cable Railway on the Island of Capri

A Modern Substitute for a Dusty Road. By the German Correspondent of the Scientific American

Curious Decorative Designs

Polarization Figures of Quickly-Cooled Glass Plates

By E. Sehrwald


The Strange Properties of Certain Substances

By L. Jaloustre

Houses that cannot be shaken Down

Building Methods in Earthquake Regions

By G. Espitallier

The Beck Arc Lamp

A Lamp without a Regulator

Ingenuity in the making of Repairs

Hints for the Automobilist

By Oliver Light

The Eskimo

His Ethnological Characteristics

Return of Halley's Comet

Styles of the Calendar

By W. T. Lynn

Japanese Netsukes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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