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An Interesting Aerial Cableway and Ore-Handling Plant in New Caledonia

Heating the Farm House

Methods of Obtaining Winter Comforts

Gold Mirrors for Searchlights

Inventive Novelties

A Box with Secret Drawer and Recesses

Berjonneau System of Telephotography

A new French System

A Marine Steam Turbine Reducing Gear

“Bakelite” a New Composition.—II

Its Synthesis Constitution and Uses

By L.H. Baekeland

The Machines that make Cordage

How Various Fibers are Mechanically Formed Into Rope

The Development of the Gas Engine

A Critique of Recent Designs

Copper-Clad Steel

A Metallurgical Novelty

By Wirt Tassin

Plans for Rebuilding the Quebec Bridge

Mechanical Aids to Railroad Building

Modern Railroad Bed Construction and Track Grading By Machinery

By Frank C. Perkins

Over Switzerland in a Balloon

How it Feels to Look Down on the Alps

By Victor De Beauclair

Darwin and Biology

The World of Life as Visualized and Interpreted By Darwinism

By Alfred Russel Wallace

The Hand and its Cunning

Return of Halley's Comet

An Ephemeris for This Year

Electrical Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes


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