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The Struggle for the Pole

A Record of Heroism

By Washington Platt

At the North Pole

Astronomical and Geophysical Conditions

By Messerschmitt

Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony

A Record of Recent Progress

By H. Marchand

A New Radio-Therapeutic Process

Automors, A New Disinfectant

By P. Flemming

Demonstrations with the Musical Arc

Proof of Electromagnetic Theories

By W. B. Huff

The Fear of Water

On Board the “Parseval”

A Trip in the Famous Military Dirigible

By Robert Saudek

Fused Wood

Machine-Picked Vs. Hand-Picked Hops

A Revolution in the Hop Industry

Education by Experience

The Physiological Basis of Success

Edmund Halley

The Man Who Dispelled Cometary Superstitions

By J. E. Gore

Machines that make Cordage.—II

How Various Fibers are Mechanically Formed into Rope

Organizing Zoology

The trust System Applied to Science

By A. E. Shipley

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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