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Gasoline and Alcohol Engines

Commercial Deductions from Comparison Tests

By Robert M. Strong

Schist Bricks

Incandescent Petroleum Lamps for Lighthouses

A Portable Danish Oil Engine

A New form of Locomobile

By Frank C. Perkins

Aluminium its Future as a Substitute for Copper Wire

By Vaughan H. Wilson

A Bismuth Microphone

The Limits of Sensitiveness of Thermo-Electric Batteries

Time Speed Control Signals

How Automatic Devices Prevent Railway Collisions

By George S. Hodgins

The Whole World's Harvest

Superheated Steam in Locomotive Practice

Architectural Acoustics

How Sound Interference in Buildings may be Cured

By Floyd R. Watson

A Warship Sunk by a Torpedo as an Experiment

The New Simplon Locomotives

Powerful Electric Engines for the Famous Swiss Road

A Persian Royal Tomb

Recent Find of Rich Treasure at Susa

Cook vs. Peary

The Psychology of the Controversy

Action at a Distance

Photographic Effects of Drying oils

By Werner Schmidt

Some of the Showy Mushrooms in Nature

The Boletus Family

By William Hosea Ballou

Forks and Cleanliness

Photographing Comets

With Special Reference to Halley's Comet

By E. E. Barnard

Mechanism of Voluntary Action

Engineering Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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