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A Log Box and how to make It

Suggestions for the Amateur Mechanic

The Double-Deck Bridge over the Wear

A Combined Railway and Highway Bridge

The Horse-Power of a Waterfall

How to Determine the Value of a Water Power

By W. T. Ryan

Bottles by Machinery

Gasoline and Alcohol Engines

Commercial Deductions from Comparison Tests

By Robert M. Strong

Captured Comets

The Families of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

By H. C. Wilson

Achievement in Polar Exploration

The Exhibit of the Peary Arctic Club

A New Map of the World

Uses of Bakelite

Its Electrical and Electrochemical Application

By L. H. Baekeland

Moving Pictures of Microbes

The Chronophotography of the Invisibly Small

By R. Villers

Chinese Wild Silk

Microscopic Tree-Fungi

Some Minute Parasites

By James Scott

The Efficiency of Modern Aeroplanes

With Full Data Collected at the Rheims Aviation Meet

By G. Garnier

The Vacuum Bottle

Natural Gas

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes


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