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A Snow Plow for an Alpine Railway

An Interesting Electrical Locomotive

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Submarine Sound Signals

A Review of past and Present Achievement

Lubrication under Pressure

Friction Drums and Brakes

Hoisting-Engine Essentials

By Warren O. Rogers

Modern Marine Boilers

Industrial Electrolysis

The Employment of Electrolysis in Chemical Manufacture

By B. Lepsius

New Gas Fusion Process

A German Improvement on the Oxyhydric Process

By Charles R. King

Depth of the Gulf Stream

German Airship Sheds

The Problem of Housing Dirigibles

Brake Shoe Opportunity

Coffee as a Beverage

Its use and Abuse

By Robert Amory

Sunspots and Magnetic Storms

Metabolic Activity of Bees

How Bees Utilize Oxygen

The Great Guano Deposits of Peru

The Famous Chincha Islands

The Norwegian Fishing Industry

Uses of Bakelite

Its Electrical and Electrochemical Application

By L. H. Baekeland

Science Notes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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