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An Electric Dredger and Locomotive

By Frank C. Perkins

Wireless Signaling in Aeronautics

Experiments of the Signal Corps

By F. H. McLean

Reduction Gear for Steam Turbines

Electro-Acoustic Method of Measuring Distances at Sea

Illuminating Engineering

The Technique of Artificial Illumination

Sugar Making

The Continuous Diffusion Process

By H. Rousset

The Refractivity of Radium Emanation

Keel Water and its Cause

A Physical Explanation

The Custom of War

Ancient and Modern Codes

Filters for Ultra-Microscopical Particles

Reclaiming Mesopotamia

A Binocular Fallacy

A New Automobile Boat

An Amphibious Craft

By Walter Rogers

The Non-Magnetic Ship “Carnegie”

A Vessel without Iron or Steel

By E. A. Dixie

The Different Phases of Matter

Tehuantepec and Panama Transisthmian Traffic by Rail

Electric Wires of Aluminium

Color Action of Metals in Alloys

The Fate of the Long-Headed Blond Race

How Man Acquired his Five Fingers

A Hand is but a Promoted Fin

By Carl W. Neumann

A Case of Rapid Variation of an Insect Species

Anomalies of Vision

Some Curious Illusions

By A. Graef

Venus and its Problems

Its Rotation and its Possible Life

By T. J. J. See

Deep-Sea Life

Strange Instances of Adaptation to Environment

By Gladys Graham Murray

Recent Progress in Electrical Engineering

Scientific Facts about Eggs

Their Character, Selection, Handling

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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    January 15, 1910

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