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The Potentialities of the Airship in Warfare

What 14,000 Kilowatts Means

A Graphic Comparison

Marine Propulsion by Electric Motors

The Plan Of MR. H. A. Mavor

French Experiments on the Effect of Shells in Naval Warfare

Registering Letters by Slot-Machine

A New French Automatic Contrivance

By Lucien Fournier

Bottled Liquid Gas for Balloons

Liquid Hydrogen and its use in Aeronautics

Instantaneous X-Ray Photographs

Mineral Oils Mixed with Concrete

Some Interesting Possibilities

By Albert Moyer

Serum Therapy

How Serums are Employed in Modern Medicine

By Fritz Meyer

An Old-Time “Taxi-Cab.”

A Chinese Anticipation of a Modern Invention

Luminous Photographs

Excavations at Corbridge

Miniature Art of Nature and Science

The Beauty Revealed by the Microscope

By V. Grafe

Halley'S Comet

Suggested Observations

The Effect of Light and Ultra-Violet Rays

The Optical Method of Studying Immunity to Bacterial Diseases

By H. A. Gins

How to Prove that you Reached the Pole

The Scientific Preparation and Examination of Records

By J. Hammond Smith

Hydraulic Motors and Pumps

Prof. Hele-Shaw'S Latest Inventions

Ignition Velocity and Efficiency of Explosion Motors

Is Eternal Life Possible on the Earth ?

The Vitality Of Seeds

Industrial Fellowship in University Work

Co-Operation Between Universities and Manufacturers

By Charles Moreau Harger

Engineering Notes

Number of Tiles for a Given Area

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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