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Great Bridge over the Red River in Indo-China

Friction Clutches

Their Principles Of Design

By J. Richards

A New Valve Gear for Gas Engines

A Simple Mechanism Free From Back-Action

A Remarkable Automobile Chart

A Mechanical Sign Post

Radio-Activity of Ordinary Matter

Wireless Telegraphy not Affected by Magnetic Storms

The German “Dreadnoughts”

What is the “Nassau” Type ?

The Present State of the Physical Chemistry of Colloids

By A. Lottermoser


With some Suggestions as to Modern Methods

By G. Hudson-Makuen

Heat and Musical Pitch

The Influence of Temperature on Instruments

By Tho. Faisst

The Frequency of Heart Beats in the Mouse

To make Lime without a Kiln

Paris and its Tunnels

The Los Angeles Aviation Meet

By Cleve T. Shaffer

The Errant Eel

The Transfomations and Migrations of a Strange Fish

By J. T. Cunningham

The Structure of the Vowel Sounds

How we Speak

The World'S Sugar Supply

Sugar Cane And Beet

By George T. Surface

A Forerunner of Copernicus

Forgotten Nicole Oresme

By Pierre Durham

An African Elephant Farm

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Engineering Notes

Science Notes


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