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The Bird Giants

By Charles Frederick Holder

How the Body Protects Itself against Micro-Organisms

Mendel and the Origin of Species

By Otto N. Witt

An Internal-Combustion Pump.—I

Applications Of A New Principle

By Herbert A. Humphrey

Combustion and Explosion.—I

A Primer On Explosives For Coal Miners

By C. E. Munroe and Clarence Hall

A New Epoch in Natural Science

By Ludwig Staby

Notes on Halley's Comet

Interesting Facts About our Celestial Visitor

What is Science?

Counting our Population by Machine

A Card Catalogue Of The American People. By Census Director Durand

A Cent's Worth of Electricity

Aeroplane Accidents

Why They Occur

The Command of the Air and its Effect on Land Warfare

Science Notes

The Invention of the Slide Rule

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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