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Radium and Cancer

The Reduction of Atmospheric Nitrogen

The Schönheer Process. By the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American.

Hydrogen for Balloons

The Chemistry of Insanity

A Curious Theory.

Talking Electricity

Speaking Magnets, Speaking Iron, Speaking Wire.

By Emil Kosack

The mean Height of the Antarctic Continent

Experimental Bombardment of the “Jena”

The Results of the French Firing Tests.

H. M. S. “Lion”

Her Probable Appearance when Complete.

A Home-Made Engine Stop

By Edward T. Binns

The Artificial Silk Industry.—I

Converting Wood into Silken Fabric.

By W. P. Dreaper

The Bat

The Great Dolmen of Bisceglie

Interesting Relics of Prehistoric Man.

Falconry in the Middle Ages

The Sport of Kings and the King of Sports.

By Hans Bollmer

Artificial Precious Stones

Laboratory Mimics of Nature.

By M. Bauer

Ammonia from Coke Oven Gas

Its Direct Production.

Various Types of Safety Lamps

A Consideration of their Comparative Safety.

By J. B. Marsaut

The Oldest Newspapers

Astronomy and Astrology

The Development of Astrology.

By F. W. Henkel

Gigantic Abyss in the Great Nebula in Orion

By Edgar Lucien Larkin

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes

The Thousandth Anniversary of an Arabian University


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